How do I confirm, chancel, or change a shift?

Changing your shift in 2015

We ask that you check your availability before you register for a shift. However, we know that urgent things do come up, so luckily making changes is really simple.

  1. Log in to the MVP Portal
  2. In 'My Roles' find your shift and click on 'Change'
  3. Withdraw from the shift you can no longer attend
  4. Select your new role category and role
  5. Sign the event waiver
  6. Submit application


Withdrawing from a 2015 shift

We’re bummed and we will forgive you… but only if you let us know. Your thoughtfulness means we can try and find a replacement to ensure the event has a full team.

Withdrawing is really simple to do.  

  1. Log into the MVP Portal
  2. In 'My Roles' click on 'Withdraw'.   This will open up the position with the rest of the MVP community

Remember: If it comes down to this (you withdrawing), the sooner the better. Rip the band-aid off. This will give us plenty more lead time to share this opportunity with other interested applicants and fill the position again!

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