How is Urban Mudder different from Tough Mudder?

At TMHQ we have a lot of people writing in requesting that we bring ‘Mudder’ events to venues which are closer to home or that they have trouble convincing their friends and family to participate. Because our mission is to create life changing, unconventional experiences, we decided to create Urban Mudder. Urban Mudder is similar to Tough Mudder because of its awesome obstacles and focus on teamwork, camaraderie, and fun. Urban Mudder is not a 5k fun run - it’s 5 miles which means you’ll still have to train a little, but it’s not a Tough Mudder either so you don’t need to be able to run 12 miles.

Urban Mudder events are located in or near major cities, and are easily accessible by public transportation. At 5 miles, the courses are shorter than Tough Mudder’s, and they don’t involve mud, electricity, or obstacles that require swimming. Off-course, Urban Mudder provides a full-day festival experience, including a DJ, beer garden, and food trucks.


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